Riley High School N. H. S. Membership Selection Criteria

Riley High School National Honor Society Selection Criteria

To be eligible for consideration for the James Whitcomb Riley High School Chapter of National Honor Society a student must meet the approval of a majority of the Faculty Council in four key areas. These areas are scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Each of these areas in an important factor in the Faculty Council's deliberations.

Scholarship is the most important of these factors. It is the threshold factor, which, if not met, prevents the Faculty Council from any further consideration. To meet this requirement the student must be a junior or senior who has attended Riley High School for an equivalent of one semester. Juniors and seniors must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.2 and be listed as ranked students.

Service is an important factor in determining whether a student should be asked to join N.H.S. Some of the questions the faculty council will ask are as follows:

  1. Is the student currently involved in extra-curricular activities in school?
  2. Is the student currently involved in community service activities?
  3. To what degree does the student participate?
  4. Is the participation active or merely a nominal participation?

Obviously, activities for which the student receives remuneration of any kind cannot be considered under the service category since the entire goal of this factor is to reward those who give of themselves for the benefit of the community. There is no particular formula that can be articulated prior to the deliberations of the Council as to whether a student has met the service criteria. For, while a student may nominally belong to three extra-curricular activities that meet only once a month for an hour after school, another student may devote many hours each week to one activity. It is to be emphasized that both school AND community service are important and that it is not just the number of such activities but also the quality of participation that is important. A student's current activities are given greater consideration than past activities.

Leadership is the next factor considered by the Council. Here, the Council judges the student's role in the particular service activity. Leadership is demonstrated not just by those who are officers in a club or activity, but by all of those who are active participants in that club or organization and not just passive members. Again, there is no formula, which equals leadership. Each case is unique and must be judged on its merits.

Character is the final consideration. Is the student the kind of student who presents an example to others of the three qualities listed above? Is the student fundamentally honest and sincere in school spirit as well as letter? Does the student consistently display the qualities of good citizenship and respect for the rights of others?

The Faculty Council's deliberations and voting are strictly private. Its final list of potential inductees is submitted to the Principal for approval. As is the custom the Principal is the final arbiter on all matters, subject, of course, to the national regulations of N.H.S.

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