Pride of the South Side: School Information


Riley High School: The PRIDE of the South Side!

Reaching for Excellence!

Riley Mission Statement

"The Riley High School Community accepts responsibility to provide quality instruction ensuring quality learning for ALL students. Through a challenging standards-based course of study, with educational decisions guided by data and policy, Riley students will become responsible learners who work collaboratively and accept ownership of their academic progress and social development."

Belief Statements

  1. ALL students are capable of learning and it is our responsibility to ensure that they do.
  2. Differentiated instruction maximizes student success.
  3. Students have a responsibility to be actively involved in the learning process.
  4. Students' educational opportunities are enriched through attending a shcool with a diverse population.
  5. Education is a lifelong process.
  6. Consistent school attendance is required for quality learning to occur.
  7. Each student is a valued individual with unique intellectual, physical, social, and emotional needs.
  8. Students, parent, staff, teachers, administrators, and the community share the responsibility and desire or educational excellence.

School Song:

Wave the flag for dear ole Riley,

Hold her colors high.

Let the blue and golden banners

Flaunt against the sky.

Cheer the team in every battle

Til brave men win the game.

Wave the flag for dear ole Riley,

Add a victory to her name.