Student Visits

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What is a prospective student visit?

It's when a student interested in the Computer Science and Engineering Magnet attends classes with an existing student to get a feel for the school, the classes, and student life at Riley High School. Some people refer to it as "shadowing."

Who can shadow?

Students in 8th through 11th grades from all districts are encouraged to spend a day shadowing a current magnet student to learn more.

Private Tours

We are once again offering a "shadow visit" of the school to a student and ONE parent/adult, IF they wish. (We encourage the student to attend possible classes to get a "taste" of RHS classroom atmosphere and the adult to tour the school, ask questions, etc.) All shadows will be conducted on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and are limited to the first 10 student registrants each week. We will confirm your tour date by phone or email. PLEASE note, that in the interest of safety at RHS, your shadowing student student MAY have a substitute teacher in a classroom setting. Please do not come until your visit has been confirmed. Click here to register for a tour.

Students using Arduino and Breadboard

What would be the benefit of visiting full-day vs. half-day?

Full-day visits are good for students who are coming from private schools with smaller student bodies. It allows the student to get the feel for the larger space and the number of people in the space, particularly during lunch. Full days are also good for wavering public school students who are still unsure of which high school is the best choice for them. Half-day visits are good for all students who already know that they want to come to Riley. It's a way for students to dip their toes in without missing a whole day of school.

Who will be my student's ambassador?

Your student's ambassador will usually be in the grade immediately above that of your student (unless requested differently), therefore if your student is a rising freshman, his/her ambassador will be a current freshman. This allows your student to see the classes he/she will be in next year.

Prospective students may request a student ambassador; however, all of our ambassadors are vetted for behavior, grades, and schedule, so your requested ambassador may not be available. If your requested ambassador is not available, you will be assigned another ambassador with similar interests. As a matter of safety, PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS MUST STAY WITH THEIR ASSIGNED AMBASSADOR. 

What should my student bring to the visit?

We encourage your student to bring a notebook and a writing utensil. Additionally, if your student is staying through lunch, he/she will need to use their SBCSC ID#, or bring either a bagged lunch or money for the cafeteria.

Arduino connected to breadboard

Can my student bring their cell phone?

We encourage your student to be judicious about their cell phone use during their visit. If you want the student to have the phone with them at all times in case of an emergency, we understand. We request that they not spend their time in class on the phone, as this not only distracts them (and their ambassador) from their purpose here but gives the other students and faculty a bad first impression of your student.

Can my student bring their backpack?

We do not allow backpacks in the classroom. If your student brings a backpack, it will be kept in Mr. Marang's office or in the main office for the duration of the visit.

What should my student wear?

We encourage our students to dress appropriately for school and to follow the SBCSC dress code policy--no muscle shirts, bare midriffs, short shorts. Jeans and a nice shirt/blouse make a good impression on their visit. 

Other information

If at any time, your student feels uncomfortable or wants to end the visit early, they are welcome in Mr. Marang's office, room 200, or in the main office. They will call Mr. Marang to contact the parent.

If you have further questions or concerns, please call Computer Science and Engineering Magnet Coordinator Edward Marang at 574-393-5169 or email [email protected].