Health Services

Illness during the school day

The school nurse is available everyday. Students who are ill must have a pass from the classroom teacher to visit the nurse. Any student who wishes to be sent home from school due to illness during the school day must report to the school nurse. The student is NOT permitted to call a parent or guardian directly. Only the nurse may approve an exit pass due to illness. A student will NOT be released from school without the approval of the nurse and a parent/guardian or authorized adult. Notes may be verified by a phone call.


Students are not permitted to possess, self-administer, or distribute over-the-counter or prescription medication of any kind at school, on school grounds, or at school events/ activities. Any medication taken at school must be kept in the nurse's office and a medication form must be on file. The medications are kept in a locked cabinet in the nurses office. Students repot to the nurse to take their medication. For students who need to take a medication on a regular basis during school hours, parents must bring the medication to school in the original pharmacy container and complete the form. Short-term medication can only be administered if accompanied by a note from a parent and a written order from a doctor. Students who use inhalers may carry the inhaler on their person, but a medication permit needs to be on file with the nurse.