Student Activities

Riley WildBots - FRC Team 3865

Sponsors: Kathryn Meier, Rebecca Humbarger

Riley WildBots Robotics Team was established in 2011 and competes in the FIRST® Robotics Competition. Our goal is to develop young adults to be better prepared for their futures. Robotics helps hone their skills in the areas of teamwork, organization, mathematics, and science while giving back to the community through service opportunities.


Students who participate in FIRST Robotics develop and employ skills that will make them successful in life! These include, but are not limited to Creativity, Engineering, Math, Teamwork, Strategy, Programming, Leadership, Management, and Finance.

Are you:
  • A student who is self-motivated?
  • A resourceful problem solver?
  • Ready for an intense, yet fun, experience? 
  • Interested in being eligible for millions of $$ in scholarships?

Riley Business Club

Sponsor: Tiffany Reddick, Brian Stultz

Business Club is a fun way to develop skills in leadership, networking, and professionalism. Great stuff for college applications! Club members are also members of either BPA or FBLA. These organizations provide unique scholarship and competition opportunities for several business-related topics which include; marketing, entrepreneurship, graphic design, computer science, computer networking, broadcasting, and more. Join in the fun!  

Science Olympiad

Sponsor: Ben Brubaker, Keiko Leonard

Science Olympiad is made up of two teams of fifteen students each studying, building, researching, and practicing subjects in every area of science and engineering. One team member may choose between 2-5 events to focus on during the seven-month season that may include building events, study events, or lab events. They will compete with other schools around Indiana, building up to compete at the Regional competition. The top teams at Regional get to move on to State.

Student Council

Sponsor: George Logsdon

Student Council is one of the Riley High School Student Management programs. Running for office provides chances to become involved in your class and to get to know your classmates.

Student Council is an entirely student-run organization. Every fall, all students are welcome to submit an application for membership to be reviewed by the current executive board. Members attend bi-weekly meetings, held before or after school, and may serve on several committees. The Council is the primary connection between school administration and the student body.

Riley's Student Council has been recognized as an Indiana State Honor Council for the past thirteen years. The Student Council plans for many school events, including Homecoming, Homecoming Parade, Spirit Week, Student Exchange, and Teacher Appreciation Days. Members also take a big part in volunteer projects for organizations such as Riley Children's Hospital, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and the Ronald McDonald House.

Quiz Bowl

Sponsor: David Shaheen

"Buzz if You know the Answer"

Quiz Bowl is an academic competition with other schools in the area. The Riley team meets twice a week to study history, math, fine arts, literature/English, and current events. Before competition begins, students often practice three times a week in a format similar to the actual rounds.

The competitive season begins in October and runs through early February. The competitions have four rounds, including individual, group, and lightning rounds. Questions in the matches deal with all the subject areas the team has studied. High scores on an area level may qualify the team for state competition.

Quiz Bowl is open to all students who take pride in their academic achievements.


Sponsor: Kristen Haubold

The Kinetic Structures Laboratory at the University of Notre Dame is partnering with Riley High School for a program aimed at increasing participation and retaining women in the engineering magnet program, funded by the National Science Foundation.  This program, called BRIDGES (Building Relationships to Inspire and Drive Girls to pursue Engineering and Science), is a before-school enrichment program for women enrolled in the magnet program in grades 9-12. It is led by Dr. Ashley Thrall (Notre Dame Associate Professor), Kristen Haubold (Riley Faculty), and Yao Wang (Notre Dame graduate student).

BRIDGES is a multi-faceted experience focusing on civil engineering.  Meetings include seminars by Notre Dame faculty, hands-on activities and experiments, and a field trip.  Not only will this program give you fundamental knowledge in a field of engineering, but it will also enable you to get to know other women in the program and interact with Notre Dame and Riley faculty.  Regardless of your specific interests in engineering, you will learn problem-solving skills that are useful for any discipline.

Riley Readers

Sponsor: Melody Golubski

The Riley Readers is a club that is run by Mrs. Golubski in 2017. Readers will form teams of three or four and are responsible for reading and discussing fifteen books throughout the school year. The books that the readers are required to read are an assortment of all different genres. At the end of the season, the teams compete in the Battle of the Books for a chance to win prizes (and free pizza!).

Class Officers

Sponsor for 2022: Daniel Schulte
Sponsor for 2023: Lisa Knappenberger 
Sponsor for 2024: John Zhalman
Sponsor for 2025: Jennifer Pflugner

Running for office provides chances to become involved in your class and to get to know your classmates...

At the beginning of every school year, each Riley class is offered the chance to sign up to be on their class council. No speech is required, but you must have 3.2 GPA and be previously involved in other school activities. The students can submit their applications to the treasurer in the first two weeks of school.

Elected officers are expected to carry out the duties of their offices, address issues unique to their class, and, with the help of sponsors, organize fundraisers, community service projects, and inter-class competitions. Money raised helps to fund the class's Senior Prom.

Mock Trial 

Sponsor: Kevin Tholin

The mission of the Riley High School History Club is to bring history to life through hands-on activities, learn about historical events that students may not have the opportunity to discuss about in class, work on special projects, attend lectures on interested topics, go on field trips to historical sites, organize special ceremonies, raise funds for historical preservation, watch history-themed movies and documentaries, and/or read and write about historical events. Meetings may occur on a weekly basis or as needed.

Hoosier Poet (Yearbook)

Sponsor: Jennifer Emkow

The Riley yearbook, called the Hoosier Poet, is a class that is taken as an elective anytime within a students sophomore through senior years. Students who take this class should have photographic and creative writing skills. Having a knowledge of the sports department, academic departments and extracurricular events happening within our school is highly recommended. This is necessary so we can cover and record all the important memories during the school year. Students are also required to interact with the community to sell ads in our yearbook. The funds raised helps us to fully equip our organization to properly cover all our fun events, in addition to expand coverage. The yearbook class is designed to be a photo-journalistic class to record memories for generations to come.

Riley Review (Newspaper)

Sponsor: Kennedy Ward

National Honor Society


The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. NHS serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.

Riley High School students in good standing are invited to join NHS in their junior and senior years and are expected to uphold the values of the organization, as well as maintaining excellent grades and volunteer hours.


Sponsor: Colonel Walker

Marine Corps JROTC cadets participate in numerous activities, including:

Color Guard

A Marine Corps JROTC unit’s Color Guard is often a very active representative of the unit at public events. Whether it’s presenting the American Flag at high school basketball or football games, National Honor Society events, or school board meetings, the MCJROTC Color Guard stands ready to serve its host school. In the community, MCJROTC Color Guards perform at parades, ceremonies, and sporting events. Several Color Guard units have performed at professional sporting events, including Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Football League (NFL), the National Hockey League (NHL), the National Basketball Association (NBA), and Major League Soccer (MLS). 

Drill Team

Marine Corps Junior ROTC Cadets across the nation dedicate countless hours to the close order drill. It is written into the MCJROTC curriculum as a means of instilling discipline and esprit de corps and continues to be one of the finest methods for developing the confidence and leadership abilities of Cadets. Units compete at local, state, regional, and national Drill Team competitions throughout the year. While fostering a friendly and entertaining environment, these competitions provide MCJROTC Cadets an opportunity to showcase their hours of dedication and tremendous marching skills. Marine Corps JROTC units continue to enjoy success at the annual National High School Drill Team Championships in Daytona Beach, FL.

Field Trips

Marine Corps Junior ROTC units are provided an opportunity to conduct field trips on a biennial basis. These trips enable MCJROTC instructors to take their lesson plans outside of the classroom and apply them to authentic situations. Cadets are presented with leadership challenges and mentored by their instructors throughout the learning experience. At the same time, Cadets gain a unique perspective of today’s military by conducting a variety of team-building and confidence strengthening events. Field trips continue to be a very popular portion of the MCJROTC curriculum.


Marksmanship is an integral part of the MCJROTC curriculum. With an emphasis on safety, the MCJROTC Marksmanship curriculum allows cadets to develop pride and a sense of accomplishment as they become more proficient with their marksmanship skills. Cadets will shoot the Daisy 853CM, an air rifle specifically designed exclusively for MCJROTC. Cadets will qualify and compete using the Three-Position Air Rifle Shooting standards. Three-Position Air Rifle Shooting is the most popular and fastest-growing form of shooting sports competition for youth of high school age or younger. Two different Three-Position Air Rifle events are available. Precision Air Rifle is modeled after Olympic-style shooting and allows the use of specialized target rifles and equipment. Sporter Air Rifle is designed for new competitors or those who desire to compete with a minimum of equipment and expense. In both types of shooting, competitors fire at targets at a distance of 10 meters in three different positions, prone, standing, and kneeling. Sporter and precision air rifle classes may also be combined into one “open” class. Three-Position Air Rifle provides young competitors with competitive shooting sports opportunities that can be offered on a wide variety of easily accessible or easily constructed ranges, with equipment that is commonly available at affordable costs.

Marine Corps JROTC Units are afforded the opportunity to participate in marksmanship competitions sponsored by the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP).

Over the years, Marine Corps JROTC Cadets have volunteered countless hours of community service to their surrounding communities. Cadets have volunteered their time to assist food banks, remove litter in the community, visit the elderly and the sick, and in a multitude of other capacities. MCJROTC Cadets conduct community service as a part of their MCJROTC education while contributing to their own development as citizens of this democratic society. Marine Corps JROTC cadets support many volunteer and non-profit organizations, including the American Cancer Society Habitat for Humanity, the March of Dimes, the Red Cross, and the Salvation Army


The Riley Environmental Education Society

The Riley Environmental Education Society is an organization devoted to helping protect the environment and teaching others.

T.R.E.E.S. participates in many community service projects such as highway cleanups, school grounds clean-ups, South Gateway Garden planting, bridge painting, Earth Day activities, and running the recycling program in school.

Meetings are scheduled approximately every 2 weeks immediately after school in Room 317. Many of the "meetings" are actually service projects such as taking out the school's recycling. We only schedule informational meetings if there is a need to discuss or schedule projects


Students Against Destructive Decisions.


SADD - Indiana Chapter

SADD - National Chapter