Instructional Strategies Supporting Indiana Academic Standards

Riley High School employs a plethora of instructional strategies to meet and support the Indiana Academic Standards. 

Differentiated Instructional Strategies are utilized to engage students with a wide range of learning styles, abilities and interests. Differentiated instructional strategies include the use of graphic organizers, cooperative learning activities (such as jigsaw, gallery walks, inner-outer circle, etc.), compare and contrast, role playing, research papers, original experiments, oral presentations and the Socratic Method. Teachers at Riley High School continue to develop strategies that are more student-centered and participatory in nature and are becoming less reliant on the traditional lecture format. 

Problem Solving and Inquiry/ Discovery Based Instructional Strategies are used extensively in science and math. However, these strategies are also integrated throughout the other disciplines. 

Project Based Instructional Strategies are implemented in all Project Lead the Way courses in the Engineering and Technology Magnet.

Performance Based and Cooperative Instructional Strategies allow students to develop skills that are relevant not only to post-secondary educational experiences, but also to the workforce.

Presentation Skill Development Instructional Strategies cultivate students' communication skills. In response to the state standards, students are required to give oral presentations and speeches.